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News Item


To inform readers, listeners, or viewers abaout events of the day which are considered newsworthy or important

Text Organization
* Newsworthy events (tells the event in a summary form)
* Background events (elaborates what happened, explains what caused the incident)
* Sources (comments by participants, witnesses, authorities, ad experts involved in te event)

Language Features
* Information on the use of headlines
* The use of action verbs (e.g.: hit, attack, curb)
* The use of saying verbs (e.g.: said, added, claimed)
* The use of passive sentences (e.g.: Aceh was bit by a Tsunami in 2004.)
* He ue of adverbs in passive sentences (e.g.: The victims were badly injured.)

Headlines in newspapers are printed in large letters to catch the reader's eye. They use


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